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Finding the right Airsoft best gas mask can become a challenge due to the wide range of choices available in the market. But if you know exactly what you are looking for then your search will become simpler.

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What is a Airsoft gas mask

Choosing airsoft pistols and rifles may seem like a fun activity but when it comes to choosing the right airsoft gas mask, it needs to be taken seriously as it is important to practice safety so that your recreational activity does not cause you any harm. Hence let us talk about how you can choose an airsoft gas mask for your own use;

Selecting the Right Airsoft gas mask

No, all airsoft masks are not the same though the intent and purpose of creating the mask are the same but not every mask is created equal to others. Some of them may last longer than others whereas others can handle the better impact of paintball. A few masks can also be used for other recreational activities.

The difference can also be seen in terms of designs and types as some masks only cover the face whereas the others cover the entire head.

How to Choose an Airsoft Mask?

To find the right airsoft gas mask, you need to find one that has outstanding characteristics and features if you are looking for the best mask in the market. You should choose a mask based on your personal preferences as the mask you choose will stick with you for a long duration hence better choose wisely by looking out for the following characteristics;

What is the Masks Price?

The price of the mask may matter to many especially if you are on a budget hence it might become a deciding factor for you but do not make that mistake and never settle for an airsoft mask just because it is cheap Most masks that come cheap are of low quality providing least protection hence invest in a good quality airsoft gas mask that will last longer and give you better protection.

Which Mask Type is Best for You?

As there are various mask types to choose from, you need to decide upon the type you would prefer. This depends on certain factors such as will you be indoor or outdoor? Are you looking for a full-face mask or something to cover your head? Whatever be your preference, it should suit the recreational activity you are taking part in to maintain your safety as better coverage means better protection.

What Type Optics You Prefer?

Most airsoft mask includes visors as in this activity it is mandatory to protect your eyes by covering them, but you also need to have a clear field of vision as you need to protect yourself from flying projectiles. The visors also need to provide protection against glaring caused by the sun. Hence get a mask that has the best optics possible.

Can Gas Masks be Used for Airsoft?

As the name itself suggests that the purpose of the gas mask is to stop you from inhaling harmful gases and not to protect your face from getting shot in an airsoft game. Most gas masks are made of plastic materials that cannot withstand being shot repeatedly. The glass of the mask will also break when shot. Gas masks are made of modern plastics that you would assume will protect you from being shot in paintball but really it does not, as it can withstand a few shots probably but as it is not designed for this recreational activity, hence it may not perform to your satisfaction and you may get injured.

To use a gas mask in a paintball game, you can reinforce it by adding plastic outsets over the lenses that will prevent the lens damage due to plastic paintball shots. Still, the challenge would be that gas masks are not designed for such activities as the mask is meant to be lightweight for comfort hence, they are not as strong as airsoft masks which can withstand many hits which the plastic material of the gas mask cannot.

A few tips to reinforce your gas mask to be able to use as an airsoft mask-

  • Replace original lenses with 2mm polycarbonate.
  • Adding plastic outsets outside lenses.
  • Remove the filter to have a hollow space on the mask for breathing easier.

But if you really want to wear a gas mask without modifying it, then you can use a helmet (wire mask) made of polycarbonate wires over the gas mask and you need not modify the mask.

Finally, if you are contemplating converting an expensive or rare respirator into an airsoft mask then we strongly would advise you against it as such masks should be kept as collectibles instead of damaging the mask to convert into airsoft mask.

What is Airsoft Gas Mask?

Instead of using a real gas mask and modifying it to use in airsoft battles, why not get gas masks shaped airsoft masks that just look like gas masks but provides you all the functionality of an airsoft mask? These masks are made of strong materials that do not break with the impact of shots; hence you can easily use it in the airsoft game.

As most airsoft mask users are looking for a great deal of protection along with an intimidating look, hence this mask is a perfect combination of both. The ventilation this mask can provide is great as there are hollow spaces in the mask for breathing air instead of the filters. This mask is easy to adjust and excellent for airsoft battles as optics do not fog easily. This airsoft gas mask can be used both indoor and outdoor.


 Finding the best airsoft gas mask is a must if you are getting into this recreational activity for your protection. If you are a regular then cost should be the last factor you should have in mind while getting an airsoft mask and if you are just a beginner, still you cannot become miser when it is about your safety thereby get the best protection and most comfortable airsoft gas mask to enjoy the activity at its fullest.