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Why should you wear a safety mask, or do you really need one? These are some questions frequently asked by people before they decide upon using the mask.

The main reason why you should consider wearing a safety mask is to prevent any illness due to inhaling hazardous gases or too much dust and smoke which will only reduce the quality of your life and may cause long-term illness.

Safety Mask
Dust Mask

What is a Safety Mask

These masks can be used in your work environment where the chemicals or dust exposure is at a dangerous level which may cause serious health hazards. The pollution level in a few cities is so high nowadays that authorities have declared the dust level to be toxic. People have started using air-purifiers at home to protect themselves from the dust but they cannot carry a purifier around with them and it is impossible to be cooped at your home the entire day hence you must wear a dust mask when you go outside or else you will end up damaging your lungs.

Selecting the Right Safety Mask

The same goes for exposure to chemicals at work for a long duration. Human eyes cannot really perceive these substances which are hazardous, but they still are a real danger hence safety needs to be taken seriously.

When you are at a workplace, it is your employee's responsibility to make sure that you are safe at work hence if your employer makes it mandatory to use safety masks then you need to abide by it for your own safety. Use safety masks even for quick jobs. You will also be given formal training about the safety measures and how to wear the safety mask, hence learn that carefully for your own good.

When do I need a Safety Mask?

  • If you engage in activities that involve you to be in a hazardous environment, then you need to be careful about using the right safety mask. When in confusion, go for upgraded protection just to be safe.
  • If you engage in activities that produce dust or need you to work with vapors then keep a safety mask nearby you.
  • If you do a lot of do-it-yourself projects of building, installation, etc. which involves working around a lot of dust, wearing a safety mask will protect you against the dust preventing allergies.
  • If there is a life-threatening situation involving toxic gas then as a survival method, you will need safety gas masks to save you from the toxic environment.
  • If you live in a city where the pollution levels are higher than advised then you should use a dust mask to save yourself from the negative effects of such high pollution as dust particles can be really dangerous
  • If there is a natural calamity such as volcanic eruption, hurricanes or tornado then this causes high volume or dust or smoke which is harmful to humans to breathe hence always keep a survival safety mask at your place to handle such disastrous situations effectively.
  • If there is a man-made emergency such as a chemical or gas attack, then having a gas mask in your safety kit will be good.

When Should I Replace the Safety Mask:

Replacing a safety mask depends on many factors such as are you using a reusable mask or a disposable mask? If it is disposable then you will have to replace the entire mask and if it is reusable, then you just need to change the cartridge or filter in it.

Following are three common ways to figure out if you need to replace your safety mask;

1. Dirty:

A safety mask cannot have dirt where it contacts the face as it affects the performance of the mask. The debris may itself be contaminated which would be dangerous in itself and if not, the dust and debris may make it difficult to achieve a perfect seal exposing you to the hazardous environment hence if you find dust or debris on your mask, replace it immediately.

2. Damaged:

Disposable or reusable, be it anything but if a safety mask is damaged then it loses its ability to seal properly which will expose you to danger hence you have no other option but to discard such products for your own safety.

3. Difficult to Breathe Through:

If you are finding it difficult to breathe through the mask, then you need to replace the entire mask if it is disposable or change the filter or cartridge if it is reusable.

In Conclusion:

I hope we have stated enough reasons for you to understand the importance of getting a safety mask immediately but you need to be aware that not every mask you get in the market is going to protect you from all the above-mentioned hazards as each mask has a different rating based on its level of protection so you will have to figure out the protection level you are seeking for and get a mask which tallies with your need of safety mask.